SEO Framework

From keywords to organic visibility

SEO Framework

From keywords to organic visibility

The SEO framework is a proven step-by-step approach that helps to organise your SEO practices into 5 phases.

Converting mountains of data into something that makes sense isn’t easy.

Most of our precious time is spend on wrestling to get valuable insights. That’s why each template is specifically designed to help you to scale up your SEO activities in the process.


Obviously we need first to collect the data that lets us discover opportunities for content creation, optimizations and technical improvements. Discover top-performing websites in your niche, understand the competitive landscape, find gaps or simply locate opportunities for internal links.

Visibility Checker

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Share of Voice

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Keyword Clustering

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Internal Link opportunity


It’s time to use the aggregated data and apply actions and insights on individual pages. The templates will combine the most critical data points and convert them into a coherent set of relevant actionable insights for page optimizations.

Page Quality Audit

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Technical Audit

block image CTR optimiser template
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CTR Optimiser


The next phase is to formulate a strategy for content creation, optimization and management processes. Automatic actions from the templates have been formulated; it’s time to put it into practice.

block image Content Gap template

Content Gap

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User Question Parser


Site content performance transcends organic search. Use different content formats to promote your fresh content in different search channels. Feed the omni-channel strategy by being present at all relevant touch points in the customer journey.

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Content planning

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UTM generator


All efforts mean nothing without proper performance tracking. Without clear goals, KPIs and a data-driven approach, we could rather just do nothing at all. Make your efforts count and track your site performance. The right way.

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Datastudio – Keyword Reporting

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Datastudio – Page reporting

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